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02 August 2012 @ 12:58 pm
Open Art  
In This post on LJ and mirrored in This post on DW, I mentioned an idea for a prompt/challenge community that is entirely self-directed (meaning you can pick whatever project you want, whatever prompts you want--or no prompts--and the idea is to just get some motivation to finish something by having a stated goal and the promise of a shiny award when you're done.

We're officially opening the community this week, so go. Sign up. Create. ON DREAMWIDTH and ON LIVEJOURNAL.

And I'd like to thank the two people who checked it out for us and flagged a couple of problems last week. Hopefully everything is running smoothly now.

This community is open to everyone. We accept all fandoms and original projects (even non-fiction) and we allow any type of media. All genres, orientations, and types of relationships are permitted.

Open Art works mostly like the 900,000 fanfiction/fanart claims communities that populate Livejournal with a couple of important differences.

*Your project can be entirely self-directed.

*Since it's self-directed, you can use whatever prompts or themes you want (or none at all.) We have some here, but if you don't like or need them, you can ignore them or make up your own.