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11 May 2012 @ 11:09 pm
Fic Requests Open  
Here's the deal. I signed up for the 100 Things blog challenge. My topic is 100 Things I Learned Writing Fanfiction.

One of my subjects will be "Take Fic Requests." I haven't taken any in like 3 years because of my health problems, and it occurred to me that I would like to have some more current material to point to in that post.

So. If you give me 1 word prompt, one subject (fandom, character, couple, group, or premise), and one animal, I will write you one fic.

There are no conditions except I don't do incest and I don't write anything above a moderate R. Oh, and you know. Try to pick a fandom I know something about. I reserve the right to take an opt-out if you ask for a subject I've never written or am not familiar with, but I'll give you another request.